About HubFizz

You’re a conscious solopreneur or small business owner who wants to grow your business and thrive online.

You want to:

  • Get noticed
  • Be found online
  • Entice your ideal clients to buy your products and services.

The world of technology and online marketing often seems totally confusing and overwhelming and you just want someone who understands what you need to promote your small business online.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Create a website that truly reflects your business and attracts your ideal clients
  • Develop simple, easy-to-use strategies, systems and plans to make the most of your website
  • Show you the tools and tips that will save your precious time and help you work smarter
  • Provide training, support and feedback to grow your confidence 
  • Provide consultation to make the most of your website
  • Achieve success with a realistic budget
Katarzyna Achtelik
Copywriter, Marketing & Branding Consultant

Karen is fantastic to work with. She's got great communication skills, is very efficient, creative, AND proactive. If she can't get hold of her client, she'll sort out problems by herself the best way she can — which brings a project to the finishing line so much faster. She's not only a great professional but also a really fun person privately — which makes working with her a pure pleasure. Thank you, Karen!

About Karen

karen black owner hubfizz

I founded HubFizz because I love helping eco-conscious business owners get the most out of their website and online marketing time and budget.

I create stylish functional websites combined with strategic marketing solutions which bring your brand aesthetic and personality to life on your website so that it attracts and converts your ideal customers.

I have worked in marketing and design for over 20 years firstly contracting to large companies in London, followed by 7 years in the travel industry, before co-founding a creative agency in 2010 and finally setting up HubFizz in 2014.

Over the last 10 years I have provided website, design & marketing services to more than 90 businesses and my skills have covered creating responsive WordPress websites and delivering social media training to content design and email marketing.

I am a creative techie so a combination of both technical knowledge and creative skill combined with patience and marketing expertise, means you get a great looking website as well as the tools and strategies to drive more traffic to your site and convert visitors into leads or customers.

Away from the office

I live in Norwich, Norfolk, UK and I love it! It has a great music and food scene, a thriving independent business community and the coast is only a 40min drive away.

I believe we all play a part in sustainability for the future of our planet and am a keen supporter of community projects, buy local initiatives, conservation and creativity ... and love working with those who embody positive change and make a difference to their customers, community and the planet.

In my free time you will find me networking, doing my Permaculture Diploma, catching up with friends and family, visiting cafes & pubs (I'm a bit of craft beer/ale fan!), going to food & drink and music festivals, taking trips to locations around Norfolk or supporting local community and environmental initiatives.

I set up the Norwich MeetUp for Eco-Conscious Business Owners as a free event to bring together a community of eco-conscious business owners, environmental organisations and changemakers. A place where we can share ideas, collaborate and support each other to help grow our businesses and make a difference to our local communities and environment.

To find out more and attend a future event visit us on MeetUp here or join our Facebook Event Page

#norwichhour future radio

I founded, produced and co hosted the weekly #NorwichHour Show on Future Radio – a fantastic local community radio station based in Norwich. The #NorwichHour show was an interactive hour of live music, chat, interviews, local business and news running in tandem with the #NorwichHour chat on Twitter @FutureRadio on Monday nights from 20:00 – 21:00.  The show ran from June 2015 to July 2018.

Soheila Keyani
Soheila Keyani Artist

Each time I speak to Karen I learn so much and feel encouraged as well as inspired. HubFizz is the biz - she makes the internet and social media easy to understand and relate to. One of the many qualities I admire about Karen is that she genuinely wants me to become successful - sign of a big heart! 

My business experience

One of my first jobs in Zimbabwe (where I grew up), was selling typewriter ribbons to businesses! As more people were moving onto computers, I got straight in on the action and went on to be a desktop publisher in a printing firm (creating brochures, logos, posters, books and more).

Once in London I brushed up on a few more skills and computer packages and then contracted to several large companies doing design, presentations and multimedia projects. Working for these big corporate companies didn't sit well with me ethically and I decided on a complete change in career.

For the next 7 years I worked in the travel industry for a tour operator, airline and tourist board doing sales and marketing and luckily travelling to Namibia on several occasions!

Like many of you, I wanted to work for myself and co-founded Mamba Media, a successful creative agency, which gave me the opportunity to really focus on websites, design and online marketing. Then with my move to Norwich in 2014 HubFizz came to life!

I wanted the freedom to be flexible, choose my own hours and location and help solopreneurs and small business owners to promote their business online using all the skills I have learnt over the years. Plus really focus on those businesses with similar values. 

These are the things that are important to me when I work with you – and I hope they are important to you too:

  • Be flexible – to work together to find a solution that suits you
  • Be friendly – have open conversations about what works and what doesn’t to help improve your business
  • Be supportive – of local communities and businesses
  • Be caring – committed to sustainability and renewable energy
  • Be thorough – research tools and technology to provide you with the best cost effective solutions

The way I work

  • Approachable and friendly - have open conversations about what works and what doesn’t to help improve your business
  • Flexible and practical - we work together to find a solution that suits you
  • Supportive - give you the skills and confidence to be on control or help out where you need it
  • Simplicity - simple processes, time saving tools, clear strategies, no jargon
  • Thorough - tools and tactics that save time and money
  • Strategic - conversion optimised websites and recommendations that get you results
  • Creative and techie - not only do you get a great looking website but one that is customised to your needs plus advice on the best tools to market your business
  • Resourceful - from hosting and SEO to branding and PR, if there is something we can't do we bring in one of our expert associates who can!
Rebecca Fordham
Tales of Thread

I want to say thank you so much for all the work and commitment that you have given to both me and Tales of Thread. I am so impressed by your professionalism and constant good humour.

Our strategic partners

When a project requires, we collaborate with a number of other small businesses including Branding, PR, SEO, Copywriting, Blogging, and Print. Our trusted partners are experts in their fields and this allows us to offer you a broad range of services.

You get the best possible advice and input for your business, project or campaign without the huge costs of going to a large creative agency.


bigfizz rebranding packages 

A collaboration with branding & marketing strategist and expert Lynne Stainthorpe of Big Idea Brand Marketing – we have worked on over 12 projects together so far.