As expected another fantastic newsletter. If you haven’t signed up, you are missing out on social media marketing tips. Also attended a fantastic online seminar on growing your email lists.

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Kumi VisKumi Tweets

I have known Karen since June 2012 and recently attended Mailchimp and LinkedIn Workshops run by Karen. She immediately put me at ease knowing I was new to Mailchimp and hadn’t been using LinkedIn effectively. The workshops were interactive and her objective was for the attendees to produce their own email campaign and LinkedIn profile and company page by the end of the sessions. Karen was excellent at ensuring all attendees kept up and understood each step before progressing to the next. I was very impressed with her knowledge and expertise and it was evident that she was very focused on teaching us practical marketing skills that we could reproduce and use regularly after the workshop. I have been on many courses that have not fulfilled their objective so this one was a welcome change. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and thanks to Karen I sent out my first email campaign to my customers with some very positive results. Effective trainers ask for feedback and this is exactly what Karen did at the end of the workshops. She was very keen to hear our comments and I was so impressed at how passionate she was about making the workshop as beneficial as possible. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using Mailchimp and LinkedIn effectively, to attend one of Karen’s workshops as it will save you a lot of time best spent on your own expertise. Thank you for taking the fear out of email marketing and social media and teaching me skills I can now put into practice.

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Vikki CookBusiness Consultant at Come Grow With Me