Facebookways to engage with your audience on facebook

Facebook company pages have restrictions, which is not only a rant within itself but ultimately mean that unless your audience is consistently engaging with your posts, they won’t continue to see your news in their feed.

Facebook posts therefore needs to be appealing in order for audience interaction to take place and we have therefore provided our top tips for how small businesses should use Facebook.

  1. Facebook is a personal social media network and therefore needs the right language and tone i.e. friendly, open and even humorous where applicable.
  2. Use visuals to stand out and even better if they’re branded and make sure you mix up media types i.e. links, images, video or audio
  3. As always don’t just view social media as a channel to just promote yourself and your products – remember that conversation is two way so ensure your posts are focussed on what the audience would appreciate
  4. Always reply and engage with comments – let your audience see that you’re part of the conversation and you’re engaged with them also
  5. Ask simple questions – keeping it simple will help generate responses
  6. Draw in others to the conversation and tag in other @users
  7. Sharing is caring – share content from other pages
  8. Change your Facebook cover page for seasonal activity or promotions to keep the imagery ‘fresh’
  9. Boost the reach of your key activity through boosted or promoted posts
  10. Get creative and run Facebook campaigns or use Facebook apps to run competitions

In order for your Facebook page posts to show up in the newsfeeds of those who have liked your page they need to be engaging with you. If people stop engaging with your posts then they will stop seeing your posts in their newsfeeds, so it is key to ensure you are trying to get people to like, comment or share your posts wherever possible.

P.S. As of January this year Facebook has said that any type of promotional posts will no longer show in the newsfeeds of your followers and will have to be boosted or paid for.

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