The Harley Package

This is aimed at those businesses that need a large website or they need specific or detailed functionality such as event management, online course set up, online bookings or a shop (ecommerce).

Price determined by amount of content and/or number of pages and/or functionality.

You have the flexibility to add and remove pages, change the page text and images, and create links to other websites.

You provide us with your logo, text content and images, however if you do not have any of these, then we can help – please take a look at our add-on services.

The number of pages, amount of content and the functions required determine what is included as part of the package, or it can be added as an extra.

To discuss your needs get in touch with Karen on 07557 006 946 or email or and find out whether HubFizz can help you build your business, bigger, faster and more profitably!

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