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Online marketing can be daunting with so many options available to businesses today: websites, email marketing, social media, SEO, video marketing ... the list goes on!

Have you signed up to lots of courses, webinars and download loads of ebooks but you are finding they are too generic and can't be applied to your business? Or perhaps it is just that you struggle to find the time to implement what you have learnt?

Together we can look at how you are currently promoting your business and look at where improvements can be made: everything from your website and email newsletter through to social media and SEO.

  • You can stay up to date on the latest technology and strategies without spending your own time to do it.
  • You can find out the best ways to market your business online that suits your busy lifestyle and your budget.
  • You can have a plan and templates that set out what you need to do, how you do it and when to do it.
  • You can implement what you learn immediately and start seeing results.
  • You can get the feedback and follow up you need to boost your confidence and keep you on track and improve what you are doing.
  • You can have the tactics to grow you business faster, get more visibility, more engagement and more clients.
  • You can relax knowing you have a helping hand and support.

What we offer

Website Design

get your online hub

Setting up your HUB for online marketing – ensuring you have the right platforms to suit your specific business requirements from building a website to getting the rest of your online presence set up including social media and email marketing.

Further information on our WEBSITE DESIGN & ADD-ON packages :

Online Marketing

get your online fizz

Adding the FIZZ – online marketing and social media strategy planning and consulting; training on a particular skillset such as email marketing or social media; help with your marketing activity and implementation – whatever YOU need to grow your business.

Further information on our ONLINE MARKETING & TRAINING packages :