tad then and now

On the left: Young Tad (2010) from the homepage video on the original Marketing for Hippies website. On the right: Older Tad (2021).

Younger Tad ran workshops that were good but they changed every time. He was still sorting out how he saw marketing. Still learning. He hadn’t found his groove and he could feel that. He was encouraged to grow his business quickly but he demured. He could feel that success was coming and he chose, bless him, the longer, slower road. He had the threads but couldn’t quite envision the tapestry that this new website is.

I wish I could go back in time to show him the new site.  He’d be so happy. “We become this? We do this?” he would shake his head. “This is amazing.”

When Jaime Almond sat me down, over the phone, and walked me through the actual building of that original site in 2010 I was so thrilled. My blog, my YouTubes and other materials finally had a home. I loved that website. That site gave me the courage and motivation to grow. Make no mistake: No Jaime? No Marketing for Hippies. It was the catalyst that kept me going.

But as I look at those photos: I’m wearing a different shirt today. My hair is longer (finally I look like a hippie). I’ve got a beard. The grey hairs are appearing. I’m clearer and I have well and properly found my groove. This new website captures the shift between these two photos. It is the ANIÁN shirt, carefully crafted to capture and house my meditation on and articulation of the complexities of this question: What is ethical marketing in uncertain times?

I can feel this site doing for me today what that site did for me then. Young Tad would love this site. I hope you will too.

I’m in love with it. I can’t believe my luck to have a second website I’m so proud of.

My new website was created by Karen Black from Norwich, England. I met her years ago when she hosted my workshop in her sweet, little town. Since then, she’s joined my Membership Program and has been an absolute joy to work with.

If you’re looking for a web designer, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


tad hargrave marketing for hippies
Tad HargraveFounder - Marketing For Hippies

Karen was instrumental in helping me bring my rebrand to life with her technical website building skills. She was focused, dedicated, a great problem-solver when some unexpected issues came up and a fantastic support in making my website live. I am so proud of what we have created and I am grateful that I had Karen’s support!


Victoria RennoldsonOwner - Culture Cuppa

Karen designed my website for me in 2019 and I could not be more pleased with it and her. The website is far from a basic one as I wanted so many different features and plugins for my business, which Karen willingly accommodated for me. I am often complimented about it and it is with much thanks to her that it looks so professional and also is so easy to use and navigate around. It compliments my work very well and that is because Karen took the time and patience to create exactly what I needed. I continue to work with Karen as she is always there to support and guide me and keep everything fresh and updated and to keep enriching my site. She is highly skilled at what she does and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a new website built or needs help with an existing one. Thank you Karen.


Suzy RoseOwner - Suzy Rose

My previous website wasn’t mobile friendly and had become out of date and too challenging for me to manage. I want to create something more current, professional and aligned to a growing audience finding me on Google. I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients, colleagues and friends and got an online enquiry in the first week. I also feel more confident directing people to the new site. I really enjoyed working with Karen and found her to be really professional and extremely adaptable and patient with me as the website started to come together and we played round with the visuals and some of the formatting. I have already recommended her services!


karen munro careers coach
Karen MunroOwner - Munro Careers

Karen, I’m so blessed to have you at my side as you helped me to artistically translate my vision to life. You worked tirelessly on this as you knew how important it was to get the look and feel right for me. And I’m under no illusions that you gave me a ‘little extra’ but it’s for this very reason I have worked with you for the past 6 years. I watch you evolve and for me this new website build is testament to your ability and skill . Thank you with all my heart.

I’ve worked with Karen for a number of years and can’t see a reason to date why I would need to change that. She is a little web genius and bombshell with the patience of a saint. She’s amazing at what she does, efficient and we get shed loads done in such tight deadlines. What I particularly love about working with Karen is that she’s niched right down to working with smaller businesses and she really ‘gets it’ . Because of that she offers an affordable, speedy and creative service and the beauty is its all wrapped into her bundle of ‘fizz’. A total pleasure to work alongside.

Working on my previous website was a REAL stretch for me as I only had an inkling of what I wanted it to look like. Karen helped me to bring a shape to that what in my mind kept changing. I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for NEVER making it difficult to ask for or express what I wanted and for her expertise, guidance, and incredible patience. Karens’ reaction to feedback is unique. She’s amazing to work with. Incredibly special. Everyone should have a Karen experience which makes building your website enjoyable and fun!

yplms yvette puliga
Yvette PuligaFounder of YPLMS - Lifestyle Management Services

I’m thrilled and indebted to 2 amazing women (for my new website and branding) – Lynne Stainthorpe, of Big Idea Brand Marketing, friend and branding guru and Karen Black, of HubFizz, web designer extraordinaire and new friend! Thank you ladies!

rebecca perkins the midlife coach
Rebecca PerkinsThe Midlife Coach

Karen is fantastic to work with. She’s got great communication skills, is very efficient, creative, AND proactive. If she can’t get hold of her client, she’ll sort out problems by herself the best way she can — which brings a project to the finishing line so much faster. She’s not only a great professional but also a really fun person privately — which makes working with her a pure pleasure. Thank you, Karen!Katarzyna Achtelik – Copywriter, Marketing & Branding Consultant

Kat Achtelik
Kat AchtelikCopywriter, Marketing & Branding Consultant

Karen Black, of HubFizz, has done wonders to make my business visible and memorable! She has the know-how and the creative flair to make your website look terrific and she’s also a tremendous marketing strategist. She’s not only created my websites and landing pages, but she works diligently to keep them up-to-date and visible on computers or mobile devices. She’s helped me with ideas to rank higher on Google search, be more appealing on social media and more effective in my email marketing. Every time I talk with Karen, I learn something valuable that moves my business forward.

hugh liddle red cap sales coaching
Hugh LiddleOwner - Red Cap Sales Coaching & Elite Sales Academy

Karen and I have worked together on various projects including; logo design, product labels, project pitches, print etc. She is an excellent designer, quick on the uptake with strong creative and design skills and importantly committed to completing jobs. What I like the most is that her project costings are sensible and realistic.

james durrant testimonial
James DurrantEntrepreneur & Multiple Business Owner