Hi, I’m Karen Black - website designer, strategist and creative techie

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My unique blend of technical knowledge and creative skill combined with patience and marketing expertise, means you get a lot more than just a website! You get:

  • A website that looks beautiful and is aligned with your business, because I bring your brand aesthetic and personality to life on your website.
  • A website that is easy to use and that is functional, so that it attracts and converts your ideal customers.
  • Recommendations and ongoing support to help you drive more traffic to your site, get more enquires and sales and deal with any technology issues.

My experience and skills

I have worked in marketing and design for over 20 years, firstly contracting to large companies in London, followed by 7 years in the travel industry (for a tour operator, airline then tourism board). In 2009 I started creating websites and doing some freelance graphic design, then co-founded a creative agency in 2010 where I focused on websites, design and digital marketing before setting up HubFizz in 2014.

Whilst my expertise is website design and making the most of your website, I also have gathered a number of other skills over the years including social media, digital strategy and graphic design as well as doing webinars, talks and workshops.

Get in touch with me to discuss your next project.

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The Eco Business Show – Ideas to Grow Your Business and Make it Greener

HubFizz Eco Biz Show grow your business and make it greener

The Eco Biz Show has been running since May 2020 and features over 100 episodes. It is a live show (now once or twice a month rather than weekly) where I interview business owners, ecopreneurs, changemakers and thought leaders who share their expertise, insights and stories to provide you with tips and inspiration to grow your business and make it greener. We cover various topics including:

  • Business development, website strategies, marketing and branding
  • Tech tools and apps that save you time and make life easier
  • Wellbeing strategies to improve work-life balance, self care and take a more holistic approach to business
  • Ways to make your business greener, more sustainable and resilient
more about the Eco Biz Show

What I believe in


I believe in social justice and wellbeing and creating a positive social impact. I believe in compassion and kindness to people, animals and planet. I believe in diversity and fair opportunities for all. I love working with those that embody positive change and make a difference to their customers, community and the planet.


We all play a part in sustainability for the future of our planet and I like to support those trying to make a difference and who share eco-conscious values. I am doing a Permaculture Diploma to look at better ways of doing business that takes into account #peoplecare #earthcare #fairshares and #futurecare.


I believe in collaboration and inclusion and asking for help instead of struggling to operate in a silo. I partner with many other small businesses with similar values so I can offer a wider range of services. I run a free monthly networking meetup to support local eco-conscious business owners and changemakers.

Being resourceful & supportive

I believe there is nearly always a solution to any challenge that arises. I am patient and look at things both creatively and strategically and I want those I work with to feel looked after and to succeed.

Ethics & integrity

I believe in working with honesty and integrity. I believe in not taking advantage of others and that it is important to value each other and be respectful and do business in an ethical way.

Eco Meetup Norwich

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I co-founded the Eco Meetup Norwich as a free networking event to bring together a community of eco-conscious business owners, environmental organisations and changemakers. A place where we can share ideas, collaborate and support each other to help grow our businesses and make a difference to our local communities and environment. To find out more and join the community, join our Facebook Group below.

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A little bit more about me

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  • I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa and I have lived in the UK for over 25 years.
  • I lived in London then Buckinghamshire and now live in Norwich which has a great music, cafe and food scene, lovely friendly people, a thriving independent business community, a fantastic coastline and beaches and the beautiful Norfolk Broads just to name a few!
  • I love permaculture (I have done a Permaculture Design Certificate); green technologies; craft beer; festivals; dancing; travelling; bees; plant-based food; nature; catching up with friends and family.
  • I recently tried surfing for the first time which I loved!
  • I founded, produced and co-hosted the weekly #NorwichHour Show on Future Radio (a local community radio station based in Norwich) which ran for 3 years from June 2015 to July 2018. The show was an interactive hour of live music, chat, interviews, local business and news running in tandem with the #NorwichHour chat on Twitter – one of the first of its kind in the UK!
  • Some of the jobs I’ve had include working as a receptionist, serving in a London pub, selling typewriter ribbons to businesses and working as a desk top publisher for a printer.
  • I used to build websites in HTML4, which I don’t miss doing at all, however it gave me experience in Custom CSS styling which I use quite a lot on WordPress sites I create.