Get a beautiful website packed with brand personality and the functionality to get the results you want

To keep things simple and because everyone’s needs are different, I have created an essentials website package and then suggestions of various add-ons you can choose depending on your requirements – don’t worry if you are not sure, we can help you decide based on the results you want to achieve. I would recommend first looking at the work with me page first (if you haven’t already) to see what you get when you work with me, the way I work and what is important to me when I work with you.

Kickstarter website package

Professional, responsive brochure style website that is ideal for start-ups, solopreneurs or small businesses that just need a simple online presence or have a smaller budget.

What’s included

  • Fully responsive WordPress website that is easy to use and looks good on all devices from computer to tablet to phone.
  • A website that is customised to aligns with your brand and business objectives.
  • Brand integration where logo, colours and fonts are carefully taken into consideration.
  • Clarity in how your website is structured and presented so that it is easy to navigate and use.
  • Fundamental SEO including page hierarchy, pretty permalinks, redirects, sitemaps, indexing, caching, title & meta descriptions if provided (doesn’t include keyword research/analysis), image optimisation.
  • Advice on domains, hosting, email and free image sites.
  • Includes security and backup options.

Starting from £1350 (payment plans available)

A summary of the details, support, what we need and the process

The detail:

  • Fully responsive WordPress website
  • Up to 6 pages PLUS Privacy Policy pages
  • Links to social media
  • Brand integration

Guidance & support:

  • Conversations throughout via email, zoom or other
  • Questionnaire and pages guides for content
  • List of free image resources
  • Website training session

What we need from you:

  • Logo or creative brief
  • All text and image content
  • A few hours a week of your time for input and feedback
  • To enjoy the process and have fun!

Outline process:

  • Questionnaire & zoom call
  • Need content for 2 pages
  • Styling of site and 2 page layouts
  • Build rest of site, test and launch
For further information, take a look at what you get when you work with me and more detailed information on the details and process here.

The results after working together on your website

  • You’ll feel proud and excited to send people to your website.
  • You will stand out among your competition and attract the right audience.
  • You will have the confidence to change text and images if you take up the hour training.
  • If you get stuck, I am an email or phone call away. I never just leave you and have been with some of my clients for over 8 years!
  • You will have an idea of what is possible in the future and get the help you need to grow your business.
  • You can get tech support whenever you need it so that you can focus on your business and what you love doing.

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Website packages tailored to your business

These are a sample of some of the things that can be included in your website design or redesign. We send out a questionnaire for you to fill out then discuss what best suits your needs and will help you achieve your goals and put together a bespoke quote.

#1. Brand strategy and visual branding

Do you have a logo or have you gone through a branding process? Do you have a good idea of what you offer, who you are trying to attract and what makes you different?

I highly recommend working with a branding expert to give you a solid foundation from which to launch your business, as they can help you create a niche, products and services and a brand that will attract your audience. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Get in touch and I can tell you more and introduce you to my go to branding expert or graphic designer for a no obligation chat.

#2. Increase your visibility and awareness

  • Extra pages and sub pages
  • Set up your Google Business Listing
  • Blog strategy and help setting up categories and tags and showing you how to use them
  • Optimise page content for SEO
  • Image sourcing or photography
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) such as keyword research and strategy, schema
  • Optimising social media channels and setting up and optimising google business listing

#3. Build your email list

  • Set up your Email Marketing account, forms and emails
  • Integrate with the website
  • Set up a lead magnet / pink spoon with opt-ins such as embeds, slide-ins, pop-ups
  • Create a newsletter template and training on how to edit it
  • Set up a customised page on the website for your free lead magnet / pink spoon and download page
  • Set up call to action or content offers that can go around site or at the end of blog posts
  • Automated email campaigns or set up and help with email campaigns

#4. Online booking or shop

  • Integrate simple payment buttons so you can collect payments via your Stripe or PayPal account for a digital product or service
  • Integrate a shopping cart for products and services
  • Creating an online Shop / Ecommerce site with product variations and delivery options
  • Integrate calendar, booking and ticketing options for events or workshops

#5. Increase conversions

  • Create targeted landing pages and thank you / download pages
  • Set up call to action / content offers that can go around site or at end of blog posts or in sidebars
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Setting up goals in analytics and tracking and optimising content
  • Advise on other conversion options such as Quizzes
While a 6 page brochure style site starts at £1350, if you were looking to add some functionality like integrating an email sign up and adding a simple payment option then you you would be looking in the region of about £1500 – £1650. If you required an ecommerce shop or quite a number of integrations or had a lot of pages, then the cost would increase.

Every business is different, so we usually get a rough idea of what you will need and then give a ballpark figure. Then we send a questionnaire and discuss the best options for you to only give you what you need or what is within your budget, before sending you a full proposal and final cost.

Not sure what you need? Or perhaps you have a goal in mind but you are not sure what that entails when it comes to the website? Please get in touch and send us an email or we can have a quick no obligation chat.

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Click here to email me to discuss your next project and how we can work together.

Website design details and process

What is included in your website, what we need from you, guidance and support and the website design process
Website features - the detail

Fully responsive WordPress website

  • Easy to use and looks good on all devices from computer to tablet to phone

Example of Kickstarter Website Package

Includes 6 pages:

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Work with me/Services/Products page
  4. Portfolio/Client/Case Studies/Projects Page/Gallery page
  5. Fans/Praise/Testimonials Page – plus testimonials around site
  6. Contact Page


  • Privacy, Cookie Policy & Terms Pages
  • Headers & Footers – logo, menu, links, copyright
  • Content can include – text, images, banners, social media links, contact form, map, video and audio embeds.

Fully customised website

  • We use a premium theme but customise it to your brand and needs
  • Includes cost of premium theme and future updates

Includes security features and backup options to keep your site as safe as possible

Links to social media accounts

Brand integration

  • Adding of logo formats and favicons
  • Colours and fonts are carefully taken into consideration

Adding of content

  • All content and images to be provided by you
  • Video content (embedded from YouTube or Vimeo – we can advise or set up as extra)
  • A call to action banner on pages that links to your contact page or a scheduling tool

Fundamental On-Page SEO

  • Page hierarchy and pretty permalinks
  • Redirects, sitemaps and indexing
  • Page caching and page speed optimisation
  • Title and meta descriptions (doesn’t include keyword research/analysis)
  • Image optimisation – size, compress, ALT tags

Additional functionality if purchasing any of our add-ons

Guidance & support

Website questionnaire/consult

60 minute kickoff session

  • Online video call to review Website Questionnaire and answer any questions you or I may have – or we do this before the website questionnaire

Website page guides as to what to include on each page

  • All content and images to be provided by you
  • We can recommend copywriters if you are struggling to write your own copy or need help editing it
  • If you want titles and meta descriptions added then you need to provide these

Image resources

  • We can send you a list of free and pages stock images sites if you don’t have your own images or recommendations of photographers
  • I can help source images as well (extra)

Samples of Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Website Terms you can adapt to your own or suggestions of where to find

Conversations throughout via email or zoom

  • to ensure we are both on track and happy
  • to discuss changes or extra costs should the scope of work have changed
  • to review progress, discuss ideas and suggestions as to what will work or not

Website training session

  • 1 hour training via Zoom showing you how to edit basic content on your site or multiple screen recordings you can keep and refer to
What we need from you
  • Your logo and if possible brand colours and fonts or creative brief
    • If you don’t yet have a logo we can recommend designers and branding specialists
  • To fill in our questionnaire to help us plan out what is needed for the site
  • To provide all text and image content and set aside time for this
    • Our guides will help plan the outline of content needed
  • A few hours a week of your time for feedback and reviews and to clarify anything and ensure we reach your launch date
  • To feel a part of the process and included – we want you to put your stamp on it too as you know your business better than us.
  • To not be scared to ask anything you are not sure about no matter how silly it seems
  • To enjoy the process and have fun!
Website design process
  1. Fill out website questionnaire
  2. Any questions and then I will send you a proposal
  3. Confirmation and initial invoice
  4. Send me complete page content for home page and one other page before website build starts
    1. This doesn’t have to be perfect but close enough to give us idea of the type or amount of content
  5. Create home page and other page we have content for. This will include overall styling of site which includes colours, fonts and sizes, buttons, headings, copy, title areas, image header, social media links and contact details.
  6. Review, tweaks
  7. Sign off on overall style
  8. Client to provide rest of content and images
  9. Build out rest of website pages based on the style already signed off
    1. Review, tweaks (this is more about layout placement and images, as style is already signed off)
  10. Sign off on style layouts and images.
  11. One final round of tweaks to text.
    1. Anything further is at additional cost (or at my discretion) or we can do training early and show you how to do it.
    2. Any changes to style and layouts at this time are extra as this involves changes across the entire site for consistency.
    3. Any changes to images at this point are extra as these will have been optimised, resized and named so replacements need to be redone.
  12. Launch

Please note:  while there is some flexibility in changing the launch date I have had some projects drag on for months or even a year. Final balance of payment and any extras will be required at the original agreed launch date OR 6 weeks after the initial invoice. Then maintenance charges will be put in place at £20 per month (to keep the test site hosted and backend of wordpress, theme and plugins updated) until final changes are done and website is transferred to live site. Any additional changes outside of the scope of work agreed will be invoiced prior to going live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of links that could be useful if you have further questions:

And by all means if you just want a quick answer or would rather chat to me, just email Karen on ku.zz1696408278ifbuh1696408278@olle1696408278h1696408278 or call me on 07557 006 946

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