I highly recommend Karen for her skill and understanding of bringing a unique and creative website together. I first met Karen through the WINS network and instantly loved and valued her expertise and knowledge of eco hosting and web-design. I knew Karen would be able to help create a beautiful website for my business and she did just that. I am so happy with how the whole thing has come together. Karen was so patient to get it just right and she wanted to understand exactly the style and look I wanted to achieve for the business and my clients. I now feel proud and confident that I have a website that truly reflects the brand and values of the business and showcases the photography services that I offer to others. Thank you so much Karen.

Claire Victoria BishopOwner - Rewild the Frame

In just under two hours Karen succeeded in teaching me what I needed to know from Mailchimp. The session was conducted via video-link where we could share computer screens, making it clear and easy to follow Karen’s tutorial. It was a great interactive way to learn as I could ask questions at any time, but as the session was also recorded for viewing again at a later time, I didn’t have to make any notes during the tutorial. Karen’s teaching style was clear, informative and easy to follow. I would highly recommend her for helping you getting started on Mailchimp.

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