Please read through this notes as they will help to make your show run as successfully as possible and be beneficial to us both. There is a great deal of work involved from the HubFizz team to produce and market the show both before, during and after airing. With your help and commitment we will have a really positive experience, reach a good number of views and potentially develop new contacts for us both. 

The show is based on giving ideas to help eco conscious businesses grow and we aim to pack the show full of value in just 10 minutes. Overall our message is one of Sustainability and Eco Conscious Business looking after both ourselves, our community and the planet at the same time. 


Before the Show

  1. Be ready to join from 10.50am sharp in order to check all is working and get in the flow, chat with me and feel relaxed.
  2. Position yourself comfortably and remove any items in your background that may be distracting, You can have a company banner behind you or choose a virtual Zoom Background if you want. Check the lighting as well. 
  3. This is your time to shine, look your best and smile to the camera. Try to talk straight ahead to the camera rather than me.
  4. Turn off any background sounds or any potential distractions such as your landline, mobile or radio etc . Please shut down / silence / turn off any other devices whilst we are on air. 
  5. Close any email or website windows to avoid notification sounds and help improve the quality of the video and avoid a bad connection.
  6. Remove the possibility of anyone coming into shot or causing a distraction. Try to make sure that you will not be disturbed during the show. 
  7. The Zoom link I send you to join me is only for you, do not share that Zoom link to others (this is where we broadcast/livestream the show from).
  8. I will invite you to and send you the link for the Facebook Event as soon as I have set this up – usually about 2 weeks in advance. This is different to the Zoom Link, this is where people can watch it. Please make sure you share and invite people to it as suggested below.


During and After the show

  1. Viewers will likely ask questions in the comments below the live video or during the replay. Whilst the show is short and we don’t have time to answer live questions please try to get onto them soon after the show as viewers may be enthusiastic to talk with you and this could lead to new connections and business. It can also affect the ranking of the show and give it more visibility.
  2. Once the show is done the video will remain on Facebook for people to watch the replay later. Many of our regular viewers watch the show later on in the day so please check back in the afternoon or evening as well for any new questions and comments.
  3. As soon as the show ends, I will edit the video post on Facebook and upload the video to YouTube and then share the links with you  via Facebook messenger, email or LinkedIn message. We recommend that you continue to share as much as possible both to your business contacts and friends and family to celebrate what you have done and of course to increase views and rankings and reach more people.  


Places you can share

Share the before and after show links to as many platforms as you can including but not exclusively the following:

  • Facebook (Personal and Business Pages), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other similar platforms.
  • Private / Direct Messaging.
  • Email the show link out to your current email list and also your friends and family, it’s good to get support from all directions.  
  • Share to appropriate Facebook Groups and Communities on their chosen promotional days.
  • Tell People by word of mouth.
  • Invite people to the Facebook event –  people can click on Interested or Going to the event so they get reminders. 
  • Once the video has been added to our YouTube channel you can also then embed this in a blog post or put it on your website.


Benefits to you

  • Your business will be seen by a new audience
  • Your expertise will be showcased to both existing and potential new clients
  • You will be able to share the show content from our HubFIzz Facebook Page or HubFIzz YouTube Channel on all your social media platforms, website, blogs, email newsletters etc The more it’s shared the further it will reach, which will bring more followers and potential clients.  
  • Your live Interview and presentation skills will be honed and may encourage you to make your own live videos which could be fundamental for your own business development. 
  • Whilst we can not guarantee you will get any business from this, we appreciate your participation and where possible and appropriate we will help to promote your business within our networks.
  • We would hope to invite you back at a later stage as we build a following and expand.


This is a new venture for us (we started in May 2020) and we have several ideas and other plans for the future. We hope that as these develop we can include you where possible and that it will be beneficial to us both. 


Kind regards,

Karen Black – Owner of HubFizz and Talk Show Host