I have worked with a number of other clients helping them set up their own websites, helping with integrations, tech and troubleshooting support, creating landing pages, doing some design work and help with the set up or aspects of their email marketing.


Anita Wisdom

  • Help with troubleshooting and styling issues on website.


Bristol Breathwork

  • Help with troubleshooting and styling issues on website.


Castle Acre Complete Home Management

  • Client did the website themselves however we helped with setting up test site, installing WordPress and a theme and training how to add and edit content.


Discover London

  • Help with tweaks to old HTML 4 website and connecting it to a light CMS so they can make edits to text content.


Experience Latin America

  • Help with edits to website.


Kerie Dillon Coaching

  • Website support, tech and Mailchimp support.


Que Rico Tapas

  • Help with edits to website.


Set Square Surveyors

  • Training on Mailchimp.


Soheila Keyani Artist

  • Help with social media and tech support.


Speedy Consultants

  • Restyling a few landing pages on their website.


Tailormade Inspiration

  • Help with setting up websites, styling, layouts, troubleshooting, supporting the team


Tales of Thread

  • Set up their original website on Shopify


Tribeur Sustainable Fashion

  • Tech support and help with website edits in the past